How We’re Making Better

We are excited to announce some of the new features and our biggest update to date. These features have been suggest by our users, for our users!

By Admin @November, 23 2021

how we’re making better

Updates from the team about improvements, fixes, new features and more.

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Product Updates

We are excited to announce some of the new features and our biggest update to date.

New Add- ons: Concierge Web Scraper

Our Concierge Web Scraper service allows you to collaborate with one of our experts to build you a custom web scraper that you can run on Webautomation. Although we offer to do this for free for your first extractor, customers who wish to build more than one can now pay a small fee for this service as an add-on. You can order your custom made extractor here.

Rename the web scraper 

Our pre-defined extractors, by default, set the name to the domain name. For example, 

Customers that want to rename the web scraper to something a bit more meaningful to the function or the use of the PDE can do that now. Just click on the pencil symbol next to the default extractor name, rename and save.

Concurrent cloud extractions

In order to speed up a current web scraper run, customers can now increase the concurrency of an extractor. Concurrency means each crawl is simultaneously running on our cloud servers. In the settings of an extractor, you can edit this number to increase the concurrency. Please note there are limits for this feature depending on price plans. 

Help text in-app

We have added help icons next to important features inside the app. This will help users quickly understand what the feature means, what it can do and hence can be used for without being redirected out of the app.


Limit the number of rows extracted

Whenever a web scraper is used, it crawls through every page within the website based on the search URL provided. Sometimes, this could be thousands of pages, depending on the website you visited. To give you more meaningful results for better insights, we added this feature that doesn't let the web scraper stop, just after working on a few rows. This ensures you get the best data possible every time you scrape. 

Please note this feature has limits and restrictions based on your plan

Customize columns and column names of a PDE 

With our pre-defined web scrapers, all the columns and the names are pre-set by default. Usually named after the same title as of the webpage. Sometimes, some users want to change the names of the column headers to something more meaningful or drop some columns which might not be useful to them.

This guide helps you achieve that.- See Full Feature Guide

Make columns unique

This unique feature ensures that all values in a column are different. Users can use this feature to set a primary key, making sure that values stored in a column or a group of columns are unique across rows in a table, thus avoiding any duplicate data.

This can be very helpful when you want to ensure that values stored in a column or a group of columns are unique across the whole table such as email addresses or usernames.


Here is a list of new PDE's added in January

Our predefined web scrapers are designed specially to help you gather all the data you need, with just a click of a button, without having to write any code!

And the best part? Our web scrapers are easy to use and FREE to try!

We released 41 new PDE's in January

Here are some of the most popular ones:

Reddit Web Scraper for WallStreetBets Subreddit

Yahoo Finance Cryptocurrency Web Scraper

Gumtree Extractor

Google Search Web Scraper

Very Web Scraper- Now extract e-commerce data with ease

Yellow Pages Web Scraper- Now extract business data with ease.

Idealista Property Listings Scraper

Indiamart Product Supplier Data Extractor

Alibaba Product & Price Web Scraper

Amazon seller information web scraper- Now extract seller information with ease

Pistonheads used cars Web Scraper


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