Web Scraping Solutions for Sales and Marketing

Web Scraping Solutions for Sales and Marketing
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As a Sales and Marketing professional, you are responsible for what you are selling, who you are selling it to, finding people to sell to, How much to sell at , who else is selling it?, What are they selling it for? How to compete on prices?

In todays Data driven world these questions can be answered by quality data publicly available on the web. WebAutomation can help you extract this data so you can make intelligent data driven for your business

Web Scraping Solutions for Sales and Marketing

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Lead Generation

A lead can be defined as contact details for a potential new customer. Especially for outbound leads webscraping can be low cost way to automate the collection of this data. Depending on your business see a few sources where leads can be extracted from

- LinkedIn

- Facebook company pages

- Conference websites

- Business listing pages like Yelp

Webautomation.io contact extractor can help you automate the collection of this data using intelligent machine learning algorithm to identify keywords and extract them

Competitive Analysis

To be truly competitive in the market place business need to keep a close eye on what their competitors are doing to drive any strategic decisions. Although competitors do not publish their strategy publicy, by observing the content that is put online it is possible to deduce their strategies with pricing ,marketing and so much more

- Scrape competitors prices to understand how they are pricing, when they are discounting or running promotions

- Scrape industry blogs for mentions of competitors 

- Scrape competiors products listings to understand what they are selling

SEO Scraping

All business crave that free organic traffic that could drive traffic to their websites. But its very hard to  compete with everyone else who already rank so much higher. Webs scrpaing could be a way to analyse how to rank higher

- Scrape keywords

Search Adword copy for inspiration

- Scraping on page elements i.e title tag and meta description

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This data consist of more than 600 hundred lines of which each one represents a single(and unique) product's information such as its price, avalaiblity, stock, image urls, technical details and etc from EBAY


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