Web Scraping Solutions for eCommerce

Web Scraping Solutions for eCommerce
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How can webautomation help my e-commerce/retail business?

In todays data driven world, E-commerce, marketplaces and retailers are all required to have a data strategy. Taking advantage of existing data on the web has emerged as an important strategy for these companies to make data driven decisions on product and pricing strategies. Web Scraping has proven to be an important strategy to gather this raw data from the web. Although web scraping can be a solution to gather data, organisations are facing problems building internal in-house scraping solutions, hiring developers and maintaining infrastructure for scraping projects. Webautomation.io has developed solutions for a fast, easy and cost effective way to extract data from the web.


Web Scraping Solutions for eCommerce

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Price monitoring is one the most advantageous use cases of webscraping. With most retailers nowadays publishing all their prices in real time on their online store it is now possible to remain on top of direct competitors pricing strategies. With retailers having thousands of products and prices changing sometimes multiple times a day it is almost impossible to keep track doing this manually Webautomation will help you solve this problem by automating the collection of pricing data from all your competitors on a routine basis. This data can be feed into your pricing engine to make intelligent decisions about your own pricing. Getting your pricing right could always lead increased profit margin and help you grow your business by acquiring new customers who are price sensitive


When growing you product range accurate product descriptions are essential for customers to make an informed buying decision on your platform. Gathering these product information from hundreds of manufacturers can be a painful and very manual process With webautomation.io we can solve this problem by automating the collection of product details and images directly from the manufacturers website ready to integrate directly on your platform.


How do you know what your customers are saying about your products and brand? In todays world online reviews contain a lot of data from our customers. Going through thousands of reviews from multiple review sites manually is just time consuming With webautomation.io offers a simple way for capturing relevant reviews using keywords/key phrases. With these data you can do sentiment analysis to understand your customers likes and dislikes and then make better product decisions based on these data.

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This data consist of more than 600 hundred lines of which each one represents a single(and unique) product's information such as its price, avalaiblity, stock, image urls, technical details and etc from EBAY


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