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Gumtree Web Scraper Tool
Gumtree Web Scraper Tool

Gumtree Web Scraper Tool

Scrape vendors listings details including name, phone number , emails, descriptions and images from, UK's classified ads website

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Scrape vendors listings details including name, phone number , emails, descriptions and images from, UK's classified ads website

Gumtree Listings Data Extractor

This Gumtree web scraper is designed to scrape all detailed information from ad listings on gumtree ,one of UKs biggest classified ads website. Gumtree lists new and second items like Properties for sale/rent to cars, dogs, bikes + 100's of other categories. 

Product information includes:

price,address, category ,currency, description, id, image, latitude, longitude, name, phone,posted,seller, seller_type,  type,  url


Sample page preview

  'additional_images': [
  'address': 'Notting Hill, London',
  'categories': 'Home, Property, To Rent, Flat, Studio',
  'category': 'Studio',
  'currency': 'GBP',
  'date_available': '24 Aug 2020',
  'description': 'UNBEATABLE LOCATION!! **MUST SEE** SPLIT LEVEL STUDIO LESS ... from you, Matas',
  'id': '1382567191',
  'image': '$_86.JPG',
  'itemKey': '1382567191',
  'latitude': '51.513789',
  'longitude': '-0.201703',
  'number_bedrooms': 'Studio',
  'phone': '07.36..82.5',
  'posted': '6 days ago',
  'price': '1600.00',
  'property_reference': '',
  'property_type': 'Flat',
  'seller': 'Matas',
  'seller_type': 'Agency',
  'type': 'all',
  'url': ''


Why you should consider scraping Gumtree?

Gumtree attracts over 8 million unique visitors every month, is amongst the most visited websites in the UK with prescence also in countries like the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Poland, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. Gumtree is the No. 1 classifieds website in the UK, Singapore, Australia, and South Africa. Gumtree classifieds is amongst the biggest categories which attract a round 2 million ads every month, most popular for car, job and property listings

As Contact details such as phone number are often listed on the site it is a great way to generate leads

Watch this video to see how easy it is to scrape Gumtree


Easy to use and Free to try

A few mouse clicks and copy/paste is all that it takes!

How to use:

Step 1: Click on "use for free"

Step 2: Assign the Pre-Defined extractor by clicking "Assign PDE button"

Step 3: Enter your starter URLS

Enter List of search URLs to start the web scraping. It must be a search url including querystring for filters.

please use advanced search to create a search url e.g

Note: To scrape data behind login please enter your credentials in the variables tab


Why use our Gumtree data scraper tool?

With our Gumtree data scraper  you can scrape the data from multiple pages automatically even scraping data behind a login . We then helps you save the extracted data in the customized formats like CSV, Excel, JSON or XML and more.

Gumtree have protection against simple bots so writing code to scrape data like phone numbers will get your accoutn blocked. Hence we have created a pre built scraper to help you get these data easily with only a few clicks

What does the output data look like?

When it is available this data will have rows which represent a single page's information such as its url, name, price, currency, image, address, seller, posted, seller_type, date_available, property_type, number_bedrooms, category, description, latitude, longitude, engine_size, id, itemKey, additional_images, property_reference, categories, type, mileage, year, phone, timestamp, etc from

*** Data below was extracted on Jun 06, 2023 @09:30

Sorry we are unable to show you data for a while. Data would be ready today please visit this page later.

1 year, 5 months ago
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  • No programming required: Get data like an expert without any coding knowledge
  • Runs on the cloud: No need to download any software or extensions
  • ​On-demand support: We are ready to help or make changes to the scrapers as required
  • Extract data on a schedule: Automate your Amazon extractor to run weekly, daily, even hourly
  • ​No Maintenance: We monitor and resolve any issues relating to website structure changes and blocking from website
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