Web Scraping Solutions for Real Estate and Housing

Web Scraping Solutions for Real Estate and Housing
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With the Internet revolution taking over the real estate sector, people have found the internet as the perfect medium to advertise, find new customers and find new investment opportunities. A typical realtor will list their property on several websites to increase visibility and a customer will go through hundreds of listings online to make an informed decision on renting, buying or selling

Unfortunately these sites including the likes of Airbnb do not offer an API (data feed) for people to perform market research. With Webautomation you can extract relevant data to help you analyse the market with speed

Web Scraping Solutions for Real Estate and Housing

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Track Vacancy/Occupancy Rates

Scrape data for when a property is listed for rent and when its occupied and use this to predict occupancy rates across geographical areas

Predict Rental Yield

Scrape listings across various geographical areas you can compare which areas or property types have the best yield


Scrape Sales and rental pricing from rival properties and use the data to price your property intelligently

Track Property Value

Scraping listings websites you can track which properties are increasing or decreasing in value and use that to make investment decisions

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Transform Real Estate websites into structured data

With WebAutomation you can extract details about Location, for sale/rent, prices and more from sites like Zoopla, Zillow etc


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