About Us

Hello! we are WebAutomation and we help businesses grow through advanced Web Scraping.
We make easy-to-use products and services that allow businesses to extract data from the web, giving them a competitive advantage and faster time to market.
Webautomation.io is a self-service,  web-based point-and-click tool that allows anyone to easily extract data from web pages without having to write any code or download anything.

Our Story

WebAutomation was born from a desire of a group of technologists to democratise the use of data to grow businesses. Coming from corporate backgrounds and seeing how big businesses use data automation to gain competitive advantages and win, we knew that every business deserved an opportunity and access to data intelligence.

We started helping businesses by writing, hosting and maintaining custom web scrapers, but our customers demanded a solution that could put them back in control and alleviate them from the pain of maintaining custom scrapers. We saw an opportunity to create an ultimate easy-to-use tool to scrape web data.

WebAutomation was born!

The team behind WebAutomation combines their passion for data and user experience to create easy to use solutions to extract web data for our users. Our goal is to achieve the perfect combination of beautiful easy to use interface and a powerful webscraper for use by both developers and non techies

Vision statement

Make data from the world’s largest database - the web - readily available


Mission statement

Empower businesses by giving them access to information on the web without barriers so they can use data to grow their businesses.

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