How To Create Concierge Request


What is a Concierge request?

Concierge is a FREE service we provide to existing customers to help them build an extractor using one of our experts. It is a quick way to get up and running if you do not want to build an extractor yourself

How long does it take?

A concierge request will take a maximum of 3 working days, depending on the volume of requests we have 


- You have to have set up an account and be signed in

To create an account for free click here

To create a request follow the below steps;


  - Enter in the URL of the webpage that has your data into the text box



- Describe what you would like your extractor to scrape, i.e. categories, filters etc



- Use the pen highlighter to highlight visually the elements you would like to scrape



- Save and then click the next button

Are you ready to start getting your data?

Your data is waiting….

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