Easy Web Scrapers for Businesses today

By Admin @March, 2 2022

easy web scrapers for businesses today

With the ever-changing demands and strategies for business development and success in today’s world, it is pertinent that you’re equipped with the best scraping tools to stay ahead of your competitors.

Web scraping is simply gathering useful information from the internet in an automated fashion and downloading structured data for smart analysis and easy decision-making.

No doubt, there are hundreds of web scraping tools available today, but not all are easy to use. More so, scrapers are different in terms of pricing, shortcomings, format of extraction, etc.

We already know the manual extraction methods are tedious and full or errors, so they are not worth discussing. Web scraping tools cost less, work more swiftly, and are automated.

Our ready-made web scrapers at Web Automation are still the best in the market today, and we will show you why later in this article.


How does a web scraper work?

Web scrapers work following the procedures below:

  • A user enters the desired URLs into web scraper to load the complete HTML code for the pages.

  • The web scraper automatically extracts either all the data or the specific data selected by the user.

  • The Web Scraper collates all the data and output them in a usable format.


What are the uses of web scrapers?

Web scrapers can help you work smartly in business to stay ahead always. Here are some of the functions you can use these effective tools for:

  • Price tracking from multiple markets
  • Data collection for market research
  • Lead generation
  • News Monitoring
  • Contact Information extraction.


What are the easiest available web scrapers in the market today?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of tools in the market today, but not all of these scrapers offer the best features.

Here are some questions you need to consider when choosing the right web scraping tools:

Is the web scraper scalable?

You need to understand that with time, the data scraping needs of your business will increase. So, scalability is an important factor to consider. Our Web Automation pre-built scrapers are amazing tools that do not slow down with your increase in data demand.

Is the Web scraper’s pricing structure transparent?

The best web scrapers come with a transparent pricing structure. No hidden cost crops up at a later stage, instead, all details are made explicitly clear in the pricing structure.

Our pricing structure at Web Automation is clear for you to understand. You can sign up for 14 days free trial to access all the features and use our pre-built extractors for over 400 businesses.

After your free trial, you can choose any of our annual or monthly pricing plans. All of our prices and plans include premium proxies and maintenance of all extractors. So no hidden charges.

We have plans for starter, project, start-up, and business. We even plans for pay as you go credits and enterprise. You can view our pricing page to see a detailed description of these subscription plans.

What format does the web scraper deliver scraped data?

Different scrapers deliver data in different formats. Some deliver data in JSON formats alone, and this limits your search to the crawlers that deliver in this format.

But to be on a safe side, it is advisable that you pick a provider that uses crawlers that can deliver data in a wide arrays of formats.

Versatility is one of the keys to know good scrapers. Web Automation offers pre-built scrapers that can deliver data in different formats.

Ideally, our ready-made extractors export extracted data in XML, CSV, JSON, or XLSX format. More so, these extractors transfer your scraped data to Dropbox, Shopify, Google sheet and many more. You can try these extractors for free today!

 Does the web scraper provide customer support?

It is not strange to experience or run into issues while using web-scraping tools. Unfortunately, some scrapers do not respond in time even when you contact them. Some others do not even provide a solution to your problem and sometimes they are unavailable.

This is one reason why you should consider web scrapers that offers good customer support. You might need assistance to solve issues and scrapers with great customer support make the whole process itch-free.

At Web Automation, you can bid farewell to the frustration that comes from waiting for a solution. You get a quick response to any of your challenges. All you need to do is drop your details, including your name, email and message, and a member of our sales team will get back to you in the speed of light. We are always ready to please you. Well, that’s one reason why we stand out.

Does the web scraper organize and clean scraped data?

The internet is congested with data already and most of these data from several research, organizations, and businesses are unstructured.

Easy web scrapers like our “pre-built extractors” help you organize unstructured data and clean them before exporting for use.

Remember, the quality of the extracted data has a huge impact on the analysis that is to be carried out. So it is better to use a web scraper that provides the required tools to clean and organize data that is scraped.

You can check our list of pre-built extractors for 400+ popular websites. These extractors help you extract data, even the unstructured ones, from any website. All is possible in just a few clicks.


Popular easy web scrapers for businesses

Our popular easy web scrapers include:

You can easily browse through our ready-made extractors and extract data from any website in a few clicks. You do not need any prior knowledge of programming or coding.

The interesting part is that we can even help you build your first extractor for free. All you need to do is enter URL, select the elements, and submit. You can use our concierge services today.

Here are some of the cool features of WebAutomation:

  • Completely automated web scraping
  • Automatic IP rotation to prevent being blocked
  • Re-captcha solver which enables you bypass CAPTCHA’s and scrape bot protected websites
  • Integrate your extracted data anywhere through our API and Webhook
  • 100% complete and accurate data transfer
  • Scrape dynamic sites with multiple levels of navigation


Final Remark

Although there are hundreds of web scrapers in the market today, not all of them offer easy and stress-free operations. Web Automation offers easy and automated pre-built extractors that can help you understand your audience, generate leads, and stay ahead of your competitors in different sectors.

You can take advantage of our popular one-click extractors and maximize them for real estate & investment, finance & investment research, e-commerce & retail, travel hotel & airline data, job data & human capital, sales & marketing, and other purposes and business operations.

You can start scraping for free today!

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