Introducing ready to use Pre-Defined web data extractors

Pre-Defined Extractors are a set of ready- to use web scrapers available to all customers without needing to build, configure any scraping rules or write any code.We are extremely excited to introduce

By Admin @December, 17 2020

introducing ready to use pre-defined web data extractors


Our vision at has always been to make data from the largest data source (the web) readily and easily available. Web scraping data from the web is always a challenge and time consuming process. Writing code using scripting languages like python although the most flexible option is the most challenging due to the level of skill required the time to value being so long.

We have listened carefully to our customers demand carefully and there are two clear themes

  1. We get the same requests to scrape the same popular websites e.g. Amazon, ebay
  2. Not everybody is able or willing to build, a more instant solution is preferred for some customers

We are extremely excited to introduce our very exciting feature- Pre Defined Extractors for data extraction for eCommerce, Travel, Real estate, Investment research and Sales & Marketing

What is a Pre-Defined Extractor [PDE]?

Pre-Defined Extractors are a set of ready- to use web scrapers available to all customers without needing to build, configure any scraping rules or write any code. In one touch you could start running an extractor to get the data you need to fuel your businesses

Why are Pre-Defined Extractors so great?

  • - No programming required: Get data like an expert without any coding knowledge

  • - Runs on the cloud: No need to download any software or extensions

  • - ​On-demand support: We are ready to help or make changes to the scrapers as required

  • - ​Extract data on a schedule: Automate your  extractor to run weekly, daily, even hourly

  • ​- No Maintenance: We monitor and resolve any issues relating to website structure changes and blocking. If you notice any issues with any of the extractors notify us and we will make the amendments in 1-2 days

Who is this for?

Developers: Stop spending time writing code to scrape data and Focus on building application. Lets us do the dirty work of extracting the data

Data Scientists: Focus on actually making sense of the data, let us get the data ready for you to start your work

 eCommerce merchants: No need to hire expensive freelancers or consultants to scrape anymore, now the power is in your hands to get the data you need

Sales & Marketers: Build your own marketing and sales leads lists using this very cost efficient solution

How does it work?


Get Started In Three Quick Steps

  1. Click Get Started For Free and create your account now
  2. Select the Scraper of your choice from list of Pre-Built Extractors and assign it to your account
  3. Enter your starter/search URLs and run the extractor

The scraper will go to work to scrape the website URLs you entered and in just a few minutes your data will be ready to export in csv, xml, xlsx, and json formats.

What Pre-Defined Extractors are available?

Please note: We are constantly adding and updating new Pre-Defined extractor templates. Search here for the most up to date list

Below is a list of some of the most popular

E-commerce ready to use Pre-Defined Extractors


Amazon is the biggest and most vsited e-commerce store and marketplace in the world. Its has millions of products from different categories and departments .

As Amazon is such a big system, we have created several PDEs to get specific data from amazon

Amazon Department Product Scraper: Scrape all product information including :

ASIN, Category, Description, ImageURL, Certified, Manufacture, Model, No. Of Reviews, Price, Quantity, Availability Rank, Seller Name, Star Rating, Title,  UPC ,Prime, Weight, URL

Amazon Reviews Scraper: Scrape  detailed information about Reviews and Ratings for any product from .

Review Information includes:

ASIN, Rating, Review Content, Review Date, Review helpful, Review ID, Review Location, No. Of Reviews, Rating, Review Title, Review verified, Reviewer name, Updated, URL


Ebay Pre- Defined Extractor

Ebay is worlds biggest auction and C2C site with millions of products sold daily. Webautomation Pre-Defined ebay web scraper allows ebay business owners to monitor price, generate leads, product ranking and etc. The data that can be scraped are:

Name, Description, Image URL, Reviews, Price, Updated, URL

Walmart Product web scrpaer

Walmart is the biggest retail store in the USA and now a dominant player in the ecommerce space. Walmart guarantees low prices so very attractive for product comparison

With you can scrape the following details from

Brand, Category, Colors, Description, Image, Name, Old-Price, Price, Product-Code, Rating, Review-Count, Sizes 

Travel ready to use Pre-Defined Extractors room price data extractor it is one of he worlds biggest travel marketplaces and  travel information aggregator. With over 30million listings globally . The data from is great for market research for companies in the travel industry.  The webautomation pre-defined extractor designed to save all price information for individual room types of an hotel. Each room type prices will be saved as a row in your data file. In each row you will also find hotel id and room type id to see the differences for a price.

Scrape hotel room data including: :Hotel name, Address, Amenities, Beds, Checkin, Checkout, Currency, Distance, ,Last Booked, Latitude, Longitude, Price,, Review Count, Review Score, Review Title, Roomtype, Roomtype availability, Roomsize, Taxes, image URLs, breakfast information, number of reviews, average score, number of rooms, , and the page URL.

Airbnb Competitor Date Price Scraper

 Airbnb It is a global  property online marketplace., It allows people to list properties and match with prospective guests looking for short term properties. The data on this site is extermely useful for monitoring prices and forecasting potential revenue based on various factors like location and time of the year: WebAutomation pre-defined extractor for airbnb allows you to pull out current and hsitoric price information about any listing on Airbnb;

Scrape Property data including: maxNights, availableForCheckin, available, availableForCheckout, price, minNights, calendarDate, bookable, listing_id, domain, uniqueKeyPrice, scrapeDate, currency

Pre-Defined Directory Extractors

Yelp Business Directory Data Extractor

Yelp: This is one of the most popular business directories across the world with millions of reviews of the most popular small businesses from restaurants to bike shops millions of people are searching for a business for all kinds of purposes. . This is the place you website need to build your marketing list of nearby businesses to explore and to know your business and your competitors. With webautoamtion Yelp pre-defined extractor , you would be able to get business information including: the name, number of reviews, category, phone number, address, website URL and business hours.

Real Estate Pre-Defined Extractors

Rightmove Property Listings Extractor is UK's leading property website for buying, selling and renting properties. It has over a million properties for sale and rent from nearly every estate agent in the UK. Scrape property information such as: Agent name, Agent address, no of bedrooms, country, description, first listed date, image url, post code, price, property type, room sizes

Spareroom Room Data Extractor is Uks largest faltshare listing website. Connecting thousands of landlords looking to rent out rooms to hosts across the UK

Each listing includes: ad-id, advertiser-last-active, advertiser-name, advertiser-title, amenities, availability, deposit, description, flatmate-preferences, flatmates, furnishings, household-age, household-any-pets, household-gender, household-smoker, image, including-bills, latitude, location, location-extra, longitude, maximum-term, minimum-term, name, price, price-info,price-of-all-rooms, total-rooms, type, url

Coming soon:

Social media : Instagram, Facebook

Search engine: Google SERP, Google maps, Bing

Investment research : Yahoo finance

Can you add new Pre-Defined Extractors?

Yes of course we love building web scrapers. Please submit a request for a new site using our concierge and we will have it ready in 1-3 days ready for you to use instantly

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