How We’re Making Better (May 2021)

By Admin @May, 8 2021

how we’re making better (may 2021)

Updates from the team about improvements, fixes, new features and more.

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We firmly believe that customer is the king and we believe in growing along with our customers and their needs. As you know we have already built features based on customers requests. Email us your thoughts anytime at

Product Updates
We are excited to announce some of the new features


Announcing our Data Change Tracking feature which allows you to see what's changed on a website

Have you ever had the challenge of tracking the changes to a competitors website? Monitoring prices on ecommerce websites? . Doing this Manually is very time consuming, tedious and very error prone. This is a very common problem with ecommerce especially, surely there must be an easier way?


Now there is! has launched the Data Change Tracking feature. With our new feature on your exported file you can now see on a new column what the previous data was. See here for more details


Infrastructure Upgrade

We are glad to finally complete our Infrastructure upgrade. Our new Infrastructure stack will now support a multi-vendor cloud & proxy providers as well as load balancing of proxy and server requests plus many other improvements


What does this mean for you?

With our new Infrastructure stack we will now be able to

  • support clients with huge volumes of requests i.e..> 1M request per day
  • have extractors run very long sessions i.e..> 10 hours without failing
  •  prevent extractor failures due to failing proxies (as we can rotate proxies from different vendors)

Overall we believe this will lead to a more positive experience for you!


Update to WebAutomation API

Check out the completely revamped and extended documentation

This includes fully live RAW HTML API, which allows you to scrape the HTML source in real time from any website

Whats next?

In the Month of May we plan to Launch some social media Pre-Defined Extractors to the Marketplace starting with Facebook. Please reach out to if you want to be an early adopter of them or if you have any custom requirements that you think we should consider



Here is a list of new PDE's added in April

Our predefined web scrapers are designed specially to help you gather all the data you need, with just a click of a button, without having to write any code!

And the best part? Our web scrapers are easy to use and FREE to try!

We released 27 new PDE's in April

Here are some of the most popular ones: Business Data Web Scraper

Extract business data including contact details like phone numbers from the Spanish Yellow Pages

UK Companies House Companies Web Scraper

Extract any UK companies financials, Key employees, address, company status + more Web Scraper

Extract Profiles, contact details and reviews of Tradesmen from one the UK's biggest directory of registered Tradesmen

Sainsburys Product Web Scraper

Extract Product data like prices, description and images from Sainsbury's UK's second biggest supermarket Product Scraper

Extract product data like name, price, description and images from

Github Profile Scraper

Scrape GitHub Profiles in seconds. Find the best developers (and their emails). Leads Scraper

Scrape the business information like names and contact details from Superpages , one of the US biggest business directory Web Scraper

Our Pages Jaunes Scraper (Yellow Leads Extractor) is a data extractor (name, address, phone, fax, URL, Email) for the yellow pages of France Product Scraper

Our easy to use Scraper extracts data like price, description and images with only a few clicks Property Listings Scraper

Our pre-built web scraper lets you extract data from thousands of home listings for sale and rent from leading real estate websites, without having to write any code.

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