Announcing our Data Change Tracking feature which allows you to see what's changed on a website

What is Data Change Tracking Feature

Have you ever had the challenge of tracking the changes to a competitors website? Monitoring prices on ecommerce websites? . Doing this Manually is very time consuming, tedious and very error prone. This is a very common problem with ecommerce especially, surely there must be an easier way?


Now there is! has launched the Data Change Tracking feature. With our new feature on your exported file you can now see on a new column what the previous data was


The reports also show the changes on any column you select! For example, you can monitor product prices or stock levels on a competitor's website.


How it works

* Please note this feature is not available on the free and starter plans, please contact us if you would be on these plans and would like to try it out

You can find the feaure under the Data Menu

Step 1: Add new Extractor you want Data Change Tracking on for

Select an extractor from the dropdown list

Step 2: Select the columns which you would like to track the changes

Click on the save button for each of the columns you would like to save


You are done. Next time you run the same extractor you will see a new additional columns ending with "_previous" and "__previous_date" in the exported file


Are you ready to start getting your data?

Your data is waiting….

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