How we are making better (April 2022)

April 2022 product updates

By Admin @April, 27 2022

how we are making better (april 2022)

Updates from the team about improvements, fixes, new features and more.

Product Updates

We are excited to announce some of the new features


Sessions Manager

We have built a single view called Sessions Manager  that will allow you to manage all sessions from different extractors all in one simple single view.

With this view you can

  • See all your sessions from all extractors
  • Find any session by searching or filtering across all your extractors
  • Download, stop and see usage details of all sessions in one view
  • See historical usage details across all extractors
  • See status of all sessions across all your extractors



Restart Session

Now you can request a restart of a session which wasn't successful for no additional cost.  Just send a request using the restart option , click here to learn more




New Blog articles

Learn how you can scrape Costco and use for your Shopify drop-shipping , click to read

Read our review of the best browser automation tools for 2022, click to read

 Learn how to Identify, Monitor authorised and unauthorised Online Resellers using web scraping, click to read


Here is a list of new or updated PDE's added recently

Our predefined web extractors (PDE) are designed specially to help you gather all the data you need, with just a click of a button, without having to write any code!

And the best part? Our web scrapers are easy to use and FREE to try!

Yellow Pages Canada Scraper Scraper

Capterra Products & reviews scraper

Trustradius reviews Scraper

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