How To Scrape Costco For Shopify Dropshipping

By Admin @March, 30 2022

how to scrape costco for shopify dropshipping

How To Scrape Costco For Shopify Dropshipping


Online e-commerce has revolutionised the way products are sold. Although online shopping has many advantages for consumers, retailers face many challenges i.e

  • The retailer has to buy and stock products physically in advance
  • The retailer needs to arrange for the products delivered to the customer
  • The retailer needs to factor in and be responsible for all the logistics, packaging and fulfilment

A solution to this challenge is Dropshipping!

Dropshipping is a new way to sell online where the retailer focuses on the marketing and sales of the product. All the backend packaging, stocking and fulfilment is managed by a thirdparty.


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In this article we will show you have to scrape products from Costco one of the most popular wholesaler to a shopify ecommerce store


  • A shopify store

  • A account

  • A csv file reader e.g microsoft excel




Scraping is becoming increasingly popular as people all over the world are now using these automated scraping tools to gather data, analyse it, and improve products/ services accordingly.



How To Use Costco Scrapers- Detailed Steps

Step 1: Sign up /Sign in

If you don’t have an account on webautomation, please use the signup link for a free trial. New users can use the email address to create an account.

Step 2: Find the right Costco from the marketplace

Users need to begin with accessing a suitable Costco domain according to their location. For instance, users in the U.S. can choose or if in Canda use

 However, users in the UK need to access a different domain which is


 It is important that users enter the right domains because the local warehouse product availability and prices differ for each of these locations. So, a product available at the U.S. outlet may not necessarily be available in the UK.

2.  Start Adding URLS

Once you find a suitable Costco domain, proceed to add the category URLs into the web scraper. By default the sitemap URL will be there and this will scrape the entire catalogue of products. If you wanted to scrape only a category e.g please insert this url

3.  Run Scraper

Users need to run the scraper once they have added the relevant URLs.The scrapers will continue to collect data from the website, categorise them and make them available for storage. The scraping process depends on the kind of scraper you choose.


 For instance, a reputable data scraper like, offers the best possible options for users. We will talk about these options ahead.

4.  Export Data

Once the scraping process completes, users can export data for further analysis and use. This is where Web’s spreadsheet conversion option comes in handy. It allows users to gather all the data, and turn it into a spreadsheet for better analysis and usage.

You can export the data through any of the supported formats like CSV, XSLX, JSON


How To Import Data Into My Shopify Store?

step 1: login to your shopify acount

Importing data into your Shopify store is not difficult with the right steps. Users need to follow the following method.


  • Access your Shopify Admin section, and go to Products.
  • Next, click Import.

  • Click on Add file, and choose a CSV file that you want to import. (Users who want to overwrite values for existing handles can access the Overwrite option to change any current products with a similar handle. However, the existing values will be a part of missing values.
  • Click Upload and continue.
  • Recheck the details about imports, and click on import.


For more information, we suggest you check out the Shopify Manual.


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How can I scrape all products from Costco?

Users need to use a Shopify compatible web scraper like web

How can I import costco export into shopify import format?

Users can refer to our step-by-step guide mentioned in this article (insert link) to import Costco expert into shopify import format

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