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Gumtree South Africa Extractor
Gumtree South Africa Extractor

Gumtree South Africa Extractor

Our pre-built Gumtree web scraper lets you extract data from thousands of home listings for sale and rent from leading real estate websites, without having to write any code.

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Our pre-built Gumtree web scraper lets you extract data from thousands of home listings for sale and rent from leading real estate websites, without having to write any code.

Gumtree Web Scraper - Now extract property data with ease.

Our pre-built Gumtree web scraper lets you extract data from thousands of home listings for sale and rent from leading real estate websites, quickly and easily without having to write any code.

Why should you consider scraping Gumtree?

The volume of data today on the internet is increasing day by day. And in a highly competitive sector utilising the data correctly and smartly can mean the difference between success and failure. 

To be market-ready, it's best to be a step ahead of your competitor. And the best way you can do that is by using web scraping. Web scraping can give you access to important insights about market changes, upcoming trends, consumer preferences and much more that can give you an edge in the market. 

And that’s why scraping Gumtree is paramount for anyone looking to make it big in the real estate business. Web scraping plays a vital role in sales comparison and closure. With the right kind of data predicting market trends and staying always a step ahead of them is not only possible but also a sure shot way to success.

But why choose Webautomation?

It’s great that Gumtree has a plethora of data. But how do you get your hands on it? Getting it manually is nearly impossible. 

That’s where our predefined web scrapers come into play. These web scrapers have been designed to extract data from any product page on Gumtree. Within minutes you will have a plethora of product information at your disposal. 

And the best part? Our Very web scraper is completely free to try!

What can our data help you with? 

Scraping a real estate website like Gumtree can help with designing a master and more efficient workflow. 

It can give a huge boost to your advertising efforts as it will allow you to target the right kind of customers with the right kind of message. 

If you are an individual, you drastically reduce the risk of choosing the wrong property, simply by relying on web scraping and being updated with the current market prices. 

Web scraping plays a key role in predicting and understanding consumers. With insight into consumer sentiment, you can design better sales experiences, giving you a competitive edge in the market. 

Risk mitigation becomes much easier as web scraping allows you to keep a close eye on the market price fluctuation. 

How to use it.

Firstly you will need to sign up for a FREE TRIAL account or be signed in. All our web scrapers are easy to use and free to try. 

Step 1: Click on "Use For Free"

Step 2: Assign the Pre-Defined extractor by clicking the "Assign PDE button"

Step 3: Enter your starter URLs.

Enter a list of search URLs to start the web scraping. It must be a search URL including the query string for filters. 

Please use Gumtree advanced search to filter your search and copy the start URLs.

For best results, we advise that you use precise search criteria and filters while scraping the data; otherwise, Gumtree would restrict the search result. 

Step 4: Click “Run Now”.

Formats available

You can download the extracted data in the following file formats:





Upon downloading you can see all extracted elements. 

'additional_images': ['',
 'address': 'Alexander Bay',
 'agent_address': 'Shop 45, Kensington Square, 53 Adelaide Tambo, Dur',
 'agent_name': 'Nataly Torregrosa - Intern',
 'category': 'House Rentals & Flat Rentals Offered',
 'currency': 'R',
 'date_available': ' 01/12/2020',
 'description': 'Reward yourself by living in this compact luxury ground floor '
                'unit that offers two bedrooms with one EnSite. both bathrooms '
                'have showers with beautiful modern finishes. Both rooms have '
                'stylish built in cupboards from floor to ceiling with a ultra '
                'modern fully fitted kitchen, open plan lounge and dining '
                'area. Close to amenities and Gateway. Available From: '
                '01/12/2020 Has Pool Property Reference #: RL88301 Agent '
                'Details: Nataly Torregrosa - Intern Just Property Durban '
                'North Shop 45, Kensington Square, 53 Adelaide Tambo, Dur Id '
                'Subtitle  837249492 View More',
 'furnished': 'No',
 'id': '837249492',
 'image': '',
 'latitude': '-28.6073653',
 'longitude': '16.4847619',
 'name': '2 Bedroom Apartment To Let in Umhlanga Ridge',
 'number_bathrooms': '2',
 'number_bedrooms': '2',
 'parking': 'Covered',
 'pet_friendly': 'No',
 'phone': '0723899611',
 'posted': '20 days ago',
 'price': '10,500',
 'property_reference': ' RL88301',
 'property_type': 'Apartment',
 'seller': 'Just Property Durban North',
 'seller_ad_count': '84',
 'seller_age': '1 month',
 'seller_badge': 'Professional Seller',
 'seller_link': '',
 'seller_total_views': '15.81K',
 'seller_type': 'Agency',
 'size_sqm': '77',
 'url': ''




What does the output data look like?

When it is available this data will have rows which represent a single page's information such as its name, price, id, currency, image, address, seller, posted, seller_type, date_available, property_type, number_bedrooms, category, description, latitude, longitude, url, additional_images, property_reference, number_bathrooms, parking, pet_friendly, size_sqm, furnished, agent_name, agent_address, seller_link, seller_ad_count, seller_age, seller_badge, seller_total_views, phone, timestamp, etc from

*** Data below was extracted on Apr 06, 2023 @14:10

Sorry we are unable to show you data for a while. Data would be ready today please visit this page later.

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  • No programming required: Get data like an expert without any coding knowledge
  • Runs on the cloud: No need to download any software or extensions
  • ​On-demand support: We are ready to help or make changes to the scrapers as required
  • Extract data on a schedule: Automate your Amazon extractor to run weekly, daily, even hourly
  • ​No Maintenance: We monitor and resolve any issues relating to website structure changes and blocking from website
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