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Property24 Contact Info Extractor

Property24 Contact Info Extractor

This is an exceptional property information extractor for

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This is an exceptional property information extractor for

Property24 Contact Info Extractor

Propery24 web scraper starts with given search page and extracts individual property links from the list. From each found property page extractor finds all important data and saves to output file. 


To be able to get contact phone number extractor must click a button. Phone numbers are protected by Property24 and most of the time when you click many times google recaptcha will show up as follows: 

To provide agents information recaptcha must be solved. The whole automation is done by our Property24 web scraper. You will get your data in following structure in different formats:

  'address': '32 Kiewiet Street, Joostenbergvlakte, Kraaifontein',
  'age': '',
  'agency-link': '/for-sale/agency/seeff-brackenfell-kraaifontein-kuils-river/25876',
  'agency-logo': '',
  'agency-name': 'Seeff Brackenfell Kraaifontein Kuils River',
  'agents': [
      'mobile': '082 728 ....',
      'name': 'Albert W...',
      'phone': ''
      'mobile': '082 445 ....',
      'name': 'Comeen B...',
      'phone': '021 982 ...'
  'badges': '',
  'bathroom1': '',
  'bathroom2': '',
  'bathroom3': '',
  'bedroom1': '',
  'bedroom2': '',
  'bedroom3': '',
  'bedrooms': '3',
  'braii-room': '',
  'coverage': '',
  'description': 'Small holding with professional dressage arena',
  'dining-room': '',
  'erf-size': '',
  'facing': '',
  'floor-size': '',
  'garage1': '',
  'garage2': '',
  'garages': '1',
  'image': '',
  'images': '',
  'itemKey': '108149253',
  'kitchen': '1',
  'levies': '',
  'listing-date': '08 November 2019',
  'listing-number': '108149253',
  'lounge': '',
  'name': 'Farm for Sale in Joostenbergvlakte',
  'pet-friendly': '',
  'pets-allowed': '',
  'price': 'R 3 500 000',
  'rates-and-taxes': 'R 1 100',
  'roof': '',
  'security': '',
  'size': '5 996 m²',
  'special-levy': '',
  'street-address': '32 Kiewiet Street, Joostenbergvlakte',
  'temperature-controls': '',
  'types-of-property': 'Farm',
  'url': '',
  'window': ''


What does the output data look like?

This data consists of more than 600 lines of which each one represents a single (unique) page's information such as its price, availability, stock, image urls, technical details and etc from

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