How We’re Making Better (Oct 2022)

By Victor Bolu @November, 1 2023

how we’re making better (oct 2022)

Updates from the team about improvements, fixes, new features and more.

Product Updates

We are excited to announce some of the new features


Faster Platform

You may not consciously notice this, however, we have done a lot of refactoring and made a significant number of changes to the product codebase and database architecture which has resulted in much quicker response times.


Datasets (Beta)

Based on significant customer demand we have launched this new product. We will be putting together large amounts of data from websites (public) including historic in one file available for customers to buy.

The first Dataset available to buy is (Software products & Reviews)


New Features:

Google Sheets/ Drive Integration

Our new Google Drive/ Google Sheets integration allows you to file transfer your scraped data directly into a google sheet or google drive folder

See how to guide here



Dropbox integration

This new Dropbox integration allows you to file transfer your scraped data directly into a Dropbox folder



New Blog articles

12 [Common] Mistakes to Avoid When Scaling Up Your Web Scraping

 To Build or To Buy? The Keys to a Successful Web Scraping Project

The Best Web Scraping Tech Stack for [2022]



Here is a list of new or updated PDE's added recently

Our predefined web extractors (PDE) are designed specially to help you gather all the data you need, with just a click of a button, without having to write any code!

And the best part? Our web scrapers are easy to use and FREE to try!

Google shopping scraper

Contact details scraper

Bing Maps scraper

Twitter scraper



Got suggestions?

We love to hear from you!

We firmly believe that the customer is king and we believe in growing along with our customers and their needs. As you know we have already built features based on customers' requests. Email us your thoughts anytime at

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