Webautomation Managed Data Service

Webautomation Managed Data Service
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We understand that sometimes businesses cannot fully rely on internal web scraping to meet business data requirements

webautomation.io can take away this risk for you!, 

Fully-managed service

No need to maintain anymore scripts or servers. We take control of the end-to-end management of the process -- from creating custom spiders to ensuring that the output data is clean

Technical support

We work with you to ensure that there is always someone to resolve any queries of issues in and agreed  SLA,

Custom requirements

Regardless of the complexity of the project we are flexible and skilled to deliver a custom data feed to deliver data as per the timeline.

Expert Advisory

We will work with you and advise on the best long term data strategy so you can maximize the potential of the data you capture as you grow

Scalable solutions

We have deliberately built a highly scalable infrastructure that can handle Millions of requests per day


We have developed a complex monitoring software that can keep track of any things going wrong with your crawler e.g. when websites change structure. Our support team are on standby to resolve any issues to ensure that you get you data on time with same quality

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