Web Scraping Solutions for Academic Research & Journalism

Web Scraping Solutions for Academic Research & Journalism
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The quality of a research project is highly dependent on the quality of data that is used. We all wished that we had every material we need for our studies readily available in exactly the format that we want. Unfortunately that is never the case!

The good news is that a lot of the data required for research is actually publicly available on the web. With webautomation.io we can help you leverage the data available on the web to extract structured data that can be used readily

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Academic Research

  • Extract data from published research papers. Sites like Google scholar index all the major publications, data from these can be extracted to support your research.
  • Extract econmic data published on the web
  • Extract census data from the web for research



  • Scrape social media sites to discover trending news topics 
  • Scrape data to back up arguments and claims made in stories
  • Scrape data to be used for info-graphics

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This data consist of more than 600 hundred lines of which each one represents a single(and unique) product's information such as its price, avalaiblity, stock, image urls, technical details and etc from EBAY


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