WebAutomation Makes Collectible Toy Dreams Possible: A Case Study

In a short time, I realized that creating an extractor was very simple. This is because in reality my intervention was reduced to a minimum: I only had to provide the requirements, and then the bulk o

By Anmol @May, 8 2021

webautomation makes collectible toy dreams possible: a case study

“None of this could have happened without your service.”  - Alessandro Sangalli


Alessandro Sangalli is the founder of a free collectable toy comparison service, www.kibukibu.com. The idea of his innovative business came to life from his passions for collectable kits and the desire to establish a business of his own.

Here is Alessandro in conversation with Victor, sharing his journey with us.


Before using Web Automation, what was your process for web scraping? And what all challenges did you face?


When we started this project 3 years ago. We had some experience with the meta-search industry and thought we could figure out how web scraping works.

But web scraping is a very complex process. If you don’t have complete knowledge of the programming code, it won’t give you the results you are looking for. Additionally, it becomes difficult to maintain the crawler when a website changes and evolves.

We initially thought we could manage this process, but after many hours and months spent on it, one thing became very clear. We needed expert help.



How long did you look for a solution before you found WebAutomation and what finally got you off the fence about us?


I constantly felt that we weren’t making any progress which became my motivation to change my approach.

At one point I said to myself, "We don't have the money to be able to hire a developer, but we can't handle web scraping on our own strengths - we need to look for a service that will do it for us."

I started searching online for services that offered web scraping services without us having to write any code. I stumbled across WebAutomation and the thing that sealed the deal for me was the price and the ease of use.



How did WebAutomation change your way of working? How did it help you?


When I started to use the tool in the trial version, I was a little bit lost, but I immediately noticed that there was fast and real-time assistance.

In a short time, I realized that creating an extractor was very simple. This is because in reality my intervention was reduced to a minimum: I only had to provide the requirements, and then the bulk of the work was done by your service.

What I couldn't do in 3 years, I did in a few weeks.



What has been your overall experience like with WebAutomation? 


WebAutomation helped me save hours of work and save thousands of euros.

The fact that I was lucky enough to be assisted by the founder of a young company made sure that my needs were taken into consideration. There was this one time when I lacked an FTP connection to send the extracted data automatically. The response time was very short. Initially, it was a missing feature, and after a short time, it arrived.

With WebAutomation, I feel that I don’t only get a service, but I am listened to as well. And I've seen for myself that WebAutomation didn't just listen, they implemented many, if not all, of the requests I suggested.

WebAutomation is a company that, in addition to offering effective web scraping services, also focuses on the experience of its customers. It’s a company that is hungry to grow and always wants to improve to offer a more complete service.



How would you describe WebAutomation?


As a service that does foolproof web scraping. Even I, who don't understand anything about programming code, can do web scraping by myself without the need of a developer!

You should definitely check it out :)


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