Amazon Product Details Scraper

Amazon Product Details Scraper

Amazon Product Details Scraper

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Amazon Product Details Scraper

Amazon Product Details Scraper

This Amazon data extractor is designed to extract all detail product specifications  from amazon category pages and product pages

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This data consists of up to 6 lines of which each one represents a single (unique) page's information such as its title, description, image_big, seller, category, colours, sizes, price, image, sponsored, rating, reviews, url, certified, prime, asin, itemKey, referer, updated, product_dimensions, first_available_date, manufacturer, brand, item_model_no, best_seller_rank_1, best_seller_rank_1_category, best_seller_rank_2, best_seller_rank_2_category, best_seller_rank_3, best_seller_rank_3_category, Dimensioni prodotto, Disponibile su Amazon, Numero modello articolo, etc from

*** Data below was extracted on Nov 28, 2020 @02:53

Details of amazon product details scraper

This data could be used for ;

  • Competitor Monitoring Amazon products for changes in Price, Stock Count/Availability, Rating, etc.
  • Scraping Amazon Product Details that arent available with the Product Advertising API
  • Product data for your Drop Shipping website

Easy to use and Free to try

A few mouse clicks and copy/paste is all that it takes!

Steps to use:

Step 1: Click on "use for Free"

Step 2: Assign the Pre-Defined extractor by clicking "Assign PDE button"

Step 3: Enter your starter URLS

Enter List of search URLs from Amazon. It must be a search url including querystring for filters. 

Please use Amazon Advanced Search to filter your search and copy the start urls

Amazon could restrict search results, so it is advised to use very specific search criteria to get better results while scraping data from it

Step 4: Click "Run now"


  • To support different languages you should use variables option of extractor.
  • To specify specific product details required, use the variables input option of the extractor

This extractor was designed with help of custom scripts. You should contact developer to get more information. To scrape system is trying to bypass bot protection. This process can be slower than you expected but at the end you get what you need.

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