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Explaining WebAutomation Extractor Categories types

WebAutomation provides several extractor types which are optimised to automatically recognise the structure and content type. With the help of Machine learning our extractor types will self-train over time in correctly identifying specific types of information relating to its extractor type.

Before you begin building any new scraper please correctly identify the type of information you wish to scrape and then select that category to optimise your experience

  • Product Category: This category aids you to extract data about products typically from an ecommerce website, including specifications, colours, availability, price, discount offers, shipping, description, reviews, and more.
  • Article Category: This category aids you to extract data from news publications, blog posts, and other similar written content types. Our system will help you identify authors and their profile pictures , dates and place of publication, tags based on content, images in the article, comments,  and more.
  • Image API allows you to extract detailed information about images, from dimensions and download URLs to what's on the image through image recognition.
  • Lead Generation; This category helps you identify and extract data about prospective leads, this will include email addresses, phone numbers, addresses and Job title 
  • Raw Data: This category type would be used for extracting entire websites e.g for data can be used for training your AI
  • Table: This category can be used for extracting data from a paginated table of results

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