Compute credits

Compute credits

To measure how much time our users spend on our system, WebAutomation uses Compute credits. This are essential to using our system as it allows you build and run data from your extractors. Depending on the subscription plan you get fixed amount of compute credits.


What are compute credits?

These are used to measure how much computing resources (CPU/Storage) that our system uses for webscraping activities. Different activities require different amount of resources e.g. downloading images will require more compute credits than scraping HTML raw data


You can always check how much credit you have in your bill summary


Limitations for compute credits

  • Compute credits cannot be refunded or transferred to another user account
  • For customers on our subscription plans, monthly allocated compute credits cannot be carried over to following month
  • Closing your account will mean forfeiting any unused compute credits


Request costs

Regular Request (1 Plain HTML page) : 1 Compute Credit

Browser Request (JavaScript enabled pages): 10 Compute Credits

Advanced Request (reCAPTCHA enabled pages): 100 Compute Credits


What is a successful request?


Not every request you make to a webpage for data will be successful. There are numerous reasons from wrong URLs to webpage temporarily unavailable, these unsuccessful request wouldn't be charged. We classify a successful request when we get a return 2xx HTTP status code. WebAutomation will only charge you for each successful.



Estimating compute credit


To build any extractor on our system, we offer an initial test run with sample data. An estimate of number of requests needed for each run of the scraper will be displayed


Example 1: Scraping Ecommerce product &price information

A project to collect  price, product name, brand name & color. Our system finds 50 product page urls on the target website.

System identifies no reCaptcha or JS libraries on the target data = 50 Compute credits

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