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Turo Car rental Scraper
Turo Car rental Scraper

Turo Car rental Scraper

Our pre-built scraper tool lets you easily extract car rental information including pricing easily

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Our pre-built scraper tool lets you easily extract car rental information including pricing easily

Turo Car Rental Scraper

Turo Data Extractor | Uncover Unique Car Rental Insights

Embark on a journey of comprehensive car rental data with our specialized Turo Data Extractor. Seamlessly access real-time information from Turo's extensive listings, reviews, and more, covering a diverse range of car rental options globally. Whether you seek luxurious rides or budget-friendly choices, our Turo Data Extractor offers the following key features:


Key Features:

  • Real-Time Global Data Access: Effortlessly retrieve the latest information, gaining real-time insights into Turo's car rental listings, reviews, and more.

  • Anti-Bot System Compatibility: Glide through sophisticated anti-bot systems, ensuring a secure and efficient scraping experience.

  • Anonymity and Security: Operate within a secure and anonymous environment, thanks to our robust infrastructure supported by top-tier proxies.


How It Operates:

  1. Payload Construction: Craft a payload by integrating input parameters and the Turo website URL.

  2. Request Transmission: Send the payload to our API, obtaining outcomes in structured JSON data format.


What You Can Extract:

Unlock a wealth of public data points, including:

  • Car Rental Information: Car models, pricing details, and availability.

  • Host Details: Comprehensive information about the car owner, ratings, and reviews.

  • Booking Availability: Real-time updates on car availability for specified dates.

  • User Reviews: Gain insights into customer experiences and sentiments.



  • Anonymity and Security: Ensure effective scraping of Turo pages with our commitment to anonymity and security.

  • AI-Powered System: Allow our AI system to handle complexities, empowering your application to collect all the necessary data for business success.


How to Scrape Data from Turo:

  1. Construct Payload: Create a payload incorporating job parameters and the Turo website URL.

  2. Transmit Request: Send the payload to our API, obtaining outcomes in structured JSON data format.


Turo Data Extractor Use Cases:

  • Pricing and Car Details: Scrape Turo for car pricing and details.

  • Host Information: Extract detailed information about Turo car owners.

  • Availability Monitoring: Keep track of car availability for specific dates.


Sample Output data

  "status": "OK",
  "data": {
    "location_availability": "Available",
    "screenshot": "",
    "cars": [
        "availability": "Available",
        "rate_type": "Pay Later",
        "sipp_code": "CDMR",
        "vendor_name": "Example Car Rental",
        "estimated_rental_price_shown_price": 150.00,
        "estimated_rental_price_net_price": 120.00,
        "estimated_rental_price_total_price": 180.00,
        "currency": "USD",
        "fuel_policy": "Full to Full",
        "car_class": "Economy",
        "car_description": "Toyota Corolla",
        "transmission": "Automatic",
        "num_of_passengers": "5",
        "bags": 2,
        "special_offer_text": "Special Offer: 10% Off",
        "cancellation_policy": "Free cancellation up to 48 hours",
        "num_of_doors": "4",
        "fuel_type": "Gasoline",
        "air_conditioning": "True",
        "mileage_policy": "Unlimited",
        "features": "Bluetooth, GPS",
        "insurance": "Full coverage insurance included"

What does the output data look like?

This data will consist of more than 6 lines which each one will represent a single (unique) page's information such as its price, availability, stock, image urls, technical details and etc from Right now test data is not ready but in a few days it will be listed here.

Sample data for Turo Car Rental Scraper
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  • No programming required: Get data like an expert without any coding knowledge
  • Runs on the cloud: No need to download any software or extensions
  • ​On-demand support: We are ready to help or make changes to the scrapers as required
  • Extract data on a schedule: Automate your Amazon extractor to run weekly, daily, even hourly
  • ​No Maintenance: We monitor and resolve any issues relating to website structure changes and blocking from website
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