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This powerful dataset provides access to over 1 million businesses listed on

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Our pre-built scraper tool lets you easily extract data from multiple pages on without writing any code in just a few minutes.

Unlock a treasure trove of comprehensive business information with the All Businesses Dataset. This powerful dataset provides access to over 1 million businesses listed on, spanning across more than 50 states in the United States. Gain valuable insights into diverse industries, contact information, emails ,categories, and more to empower your market research, lead generation, and business decision-making.


Key Features:

  1. Extensive Business Coverage: Our dataset encompasses over 1 million businesses, offering a comprehensive view of businesses across various industries and sectors. Access information on local businesses, service providers, retailers, and more to gain a deep understanding of the business landscape.

  2. Comprehensive Business Profiles: Dive into detailed business profiles that provide valuable insights, including company names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, and business descriptions. Evaluate businesses based on their offerings, services, and specialization.

  3. Contact Information: Gain access to accurate contact details, including email addresses and phone numbers, enabling direct communication with businesses. Establish valuable connections and explore potential partnerships or collaborations.

  4. Business Categories: Explore businesses categorized under specific industries and sectors. Easily filter and search for businesses relevant to your research or target audience.

  5. Customizable Data Delivery: The dataset is available in flexible formats, such as CSV, Excel, or JSON, allowing seamless integration with your existing data infrastructure. Customize the data to meet your specific requirements and streamline your data analysis processes.

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