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Brooklinen Extractor

Brooklinen Extractor

Brooklinen Extractor

The output of 1 row as follows:

  'price_max': '420.00',
  'price_min': '320.00',
  'price_product': '320.00',
  'price_variant': '420.00',
  'price_varies': True,
  'product_availability': True,
  'product_id': 1563155595354,
  'product_options': 'Color ~|~ Size',
  'product_published_at': '2016-07-19T10:49:00-04:00',
  'product_title': 'Luxe Hardcore Bundle',
  'type': 'Bedding',
  'variant_availability': True,
  'variant_featured_image': '',
  'variant_id': 15402648502362,
  'variant_inventory_quantity': 882,
  'variant_name': 'Luxe Hardcore Bundle - Graphite / King',
  'variant_option1': 'Graphite',
  'variant_option2': 'King',
  'variant_option3': None,
  'variant_options': 'Graphite ~|~ King',
  'variant_public_title': 'Graphite / King',
  'variant_requires_shipping': True,
  'variant_sku': 'K17K17K17-S',
  'variant_taxable': True,
  'variant_title': 'Graphite / King',
  'variant_weight': 3629,
  'vendor': 'Brooklinen'



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