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WebAutomation.io vs. mozenda

Only webautomation.io offers hundreds of no-code, pre-built extractors managed and maintained in the cloud, you can streamline your workflow without the hassle of proxies or complex configurations and complicated setups. Simply enter your URLs, click the run button, and let our robust infrastructure handle the rest. Transform your data extraction tasks and embrace the future of automation with us.



Web Scraping has Never Been this Easy

We are leveling the playing field and making web data available for anyone who needs it to grow their business.

No more expensive developers.

No more frustrating coding.

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WebAutomation vs Apify for Product Analytics

See how we compare on key features

Implementation and SetupWebAutomation.io mozenda
Easy to Configure/Set-up X
Ready Made Extractors X
Point & Click interface
Rotating Proxies X
Cloud Scraping
Concurent runs
MySql Integration X
Parrallel Tasks
JavaScript execution
CSV, XLSX, JSON export
Integrations X
Email and chat support

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