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Prices and Plans

Monthly Annually

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Starter scrapers


Ideal for small, simple projects with low capacity requirements

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100,000 Credits monthly
1 Free Extractor Build
3448 Credits per $1
Project scrapers


Ideal for small scale projects where continuous data is required

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400,000 Credits monthly
3 Free Extractor Build
4040 Credits per $1
Start-Up scrapers


Ideal for Small and medium scale projects where continuous data is required

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1,500,000 Credits monthly
5 Free Extractor Build
6024 Credits per $1
Business scrapers


Ideal for Large scale data intelligence projects with higher capacity requirements

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3,000,000 Credits monthly
7 Free Extractor Build
6681 Credits per $1
Buy PAY- as- you -Go Credits
from $1/1000 credits
pay as you go scrapers
from $1000

Ideal for people who need something specific custom for their data extraction projects.

Enterprise scrapers


Concierge Extractor Builder


Get an Extractor built by one of our experts which you can run on WebAUtomation to retrieve the data you need at any time

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Additional Features
Free Trial Starter Project Start-up Business
Data Retention 7 DAYS 30 DAYS 30 DAYS 90 DAYS 1 YEAR
Extractor build service 1 1 3 5 7
Concurrent Requests 1 1 3 5 10
No of Parallel Extractor Sessions 1 1 3 5 7
API Use with Limits Use with Limits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Priority email & chat support 1 Yes Yes Yes Dedicated
Regular Request (Plain HTML page) : 1 Credits
Browser Request (JavaScript enabled pages): 10 Credits
Advanced Request (reCAPTCHA enabled pages): 100 Credits

WebAutomation Managed Data Service

If you prefer not to self-service using our tool, that is not a problem! We will still help you out. Focus on your core business. We will do all the hard work for you and get the data you require just the way you like it! Contact us to discuss you requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A credit represents a single successful request made by our web scrapers to your target website. Typically this would be a single page load or a request to solve a captcha. For example if the scraper has to go through 10 pages to get all your data then 10 credits will be charged, if you are extracting 10 records from a single page then only 1 credit will be charged.
Absolutely! You can start by using our free trial which gives you 10,000 Credits.
We advise you to check the page of each PDE and see which method it uses with its pricing. We offer an initial free trial to allow you to run a few test with sample data. After each run you will see a breakdown of number of request and rows of data it produced. You could also start of with the Starter plan and see how you get on.
No, the free trial entitles you to 10,000 credits which you can use in your own time.
No, all you need is your email address.

Feel free to email our sales team with any unanswered questions that you may have. We’re always happy to help!