Web Scraping Solutions for Cybersecurity

Web Scraping Solutions for Cybersecurity
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As technology creates alot of good, there is always a group of bad actors who are looking to exploit the vulnerabilities of web technology. Most of these are exploited over the web. Cyber criminals need to exchange information over the web but with the web being so easy to track, the advanced criminals use what is referred to as "Deep Web" or the "Dark Web"

Deep Web vs Dark Web

The Deep web can be defined as parts of the web that are not indexed by traditional search engines like Google. This is completely legal and can be completely accessed by your web browser. Most of the sites on there are just really old or obscure sites which are unable to be indexed

The Dark Web is a subset of the Deep Web but it can only be  accessed through encrypted or anonymous proxies like Tor

webautomation.io can help you monitor the Deep and Dark web and respond to threats, see some usecases


Law Enforcement & National Security and Intelligence

Scan darknet marketplaces to detect any planned attacks or illegal activity

Scan for spread of propaganda and recruitment attempts, 

Financial Fraud Detection

Monitor proactively for leaked credit card  and other confidential personal user information, and use to prevent any fraud

Brand Monitoring

Monitor the dark web for counterfeiting attempts, unlicensed use, and leaked information to protect your brand and mitigate any risk

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This data consist of more than 600 hundred lines of which each one represents a single(and unique) product's information such as its price, avalaiblity, stock, image urls, technical details and etc from EBAY


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